Adding to Firestore collection [closed]

I want to add to the “receipts” collection a document with a unique “id: and for this document the data:” id “,” from “,” value “and” image “. Firebase !!important !!code in Fragment


If you need to add a document to a specific collection with a unique ID, then you should use the DocumentReference#set() method which:

Writes to the document referred to by this DocumentReference.

In code, it should look like this:

val db = FirebaseFirestore.getInstance()
val receiptsRef = db.collection("receipts")
val docId = receiptsRef.document().id
val receipt = mapOf(
    "id" to docId,
    "from" to "Name",
    "value" to "The value of the receipt",
    "image" to "URL of the image"

You can also use addOnCompleteListener(OnCompleteListener listener), to see if something goes wrong.