Android Facebook SDK : “(# 404) Keyhash XXXXXX does not match any stored key hashes”

I am trying Android Facebook integration for an app. I am new to this.

I have got the Facebook SDK & I am trying to run a few samples from there. When I run the samples I get this error ” (# 404) Keyhash XXXXXX does not match any stored key hashes “.

The XXXXXX is probably my keyhash, I did some basic search about what it is. I read this and I compared the XXXXXX value with the Java Keytool.exe from my machine. There was a match with these numbers.

I have to get this working – I feel I have to add this somewhere on Facebook developer site. Can someone tell me if thats correct & also how to do it. OR my approach may be wrong too, if you can guide me to the correct approach. That will be helpful.



Assuming that you know how to create a hash key, I suggest you to follow the below steps to add a hash key in FaceBook developer console of your app,

1. After creating a app, click on settings from the left side panel.

2. Select add platform.

3. From the pop up, select Android as your platform.

4. There you will find fields to enter Package Name, Class Name, and hash Keys.

5. Fill up the respective fields.You can enter many hash keys as well.

Note : If you enter wrong hash key, then it will show you the same error again.

hope it helps.