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Is it possible to make gradle rosolve android project’s dependencies dynamically like ant does?

What I want to acheeve is to be able to add/remove library projects (modifieng only file for corresponding project) without a need to rewrite buil.gradle script.

Ant resolves it by reading recursively getting a list of all library projects involved into specific build with the following prdefined task:

<getlibpath projectPath="${basedir}" libraryFolderPathOut="project.library.folder.path" />

What I’ve found currently in gradle is to define a list of projects manually in settings.gradle:

include 'GradleTest_lib1'
include 'GradleTest_lib2'

project(':GradleTest_lib1').projectDir = new File('../GradleTest_lib1')
project(':GradleTest_lib2').projectDir = new File('../GradleTest_lib2')

And add dependecies into build.gradle file:

dependencies {
    compile fileTree('libs')
    compile project('GradleTest_lib1')
    compile project('GradleTest_lib2')

I beleive I’m missing something and there should be a simple way to find and compile all the lib-projects ‘on the fly’


Currently I solved this task with the following script


def props = readAllLibProjects()
println props

def Properties readAllLibProjects(){
        def props = new Properties()
    return readAllLibProjects("", props, 1)

def Properties readAllLibProjects(String basePath, props, int level){
Properties localProps = new Properties();
new File(basePath + "").withInputStream {
    stream -> localProps.load(stream) 
    String key = it.key
    String value = it.value
        key = key + "_" +level;
        props.put(key, value);
        readAllLibProjects(it.value + "/", props, level + 1)
return props

def loadLibProjectsFromProps(Properties props){
        String projectPath = it.value;
        String projectName = projectPath.split("/").last();
        include projectName
        project(":"+projectName).projectDir = new File(projectPath);
        println "project's path = " + projectPath;
        println "project's name = " + projectName;

and build.gradle:

dependencies {
    compile fileTree('libs')
    compile project(
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