Android Studio Run/Debug configuration error: Module not specified

I am getting a ‘Module not specified’ error in my run config. I have no module showing in the drop down yet I can see my module no probs. The issue came about when I refactored my module name, changed the settings.gradle to new name.

Now when I go to project structure and select my module nothing shows in the screen, not even an error.

I’m not 100% sure, but the icon beside my module looks like a folder with a cup and not a folder with a phone.

My exact steps –

  1. Open in Android view
  2. Refactor directory name
  3. refactor module name
  4. change settings.gradle contents: name to new name


never mind, i changed the name in settings.gradle and synced and then changed it back and synced again and it inexplicably worked this time.

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