Android VKontake official client. How to get authorized

I have on my device official App from VKontakte.

And I authorized there.

I try write own app which use VKontake API, but I need authorize.

Does there exist any way to get authorized status of user from official application with sending Intent with some action?


Now is it possible!
Please look through this tutorial

Also you can authorize via webview
Authorization in Vkontakte is an OAuth authorization. So following steps are similar for all services which use OAuth: Facebook, Instagram and etc.

  1. Create application on
  2. Get it’s ID.
  3. In your login Activity open a webview with login url

APP_ID is ID of your application. You will find it in VK -> Applications -> Settings -> Applications I manage (at the bottom) -> Manage

This login url will show a standard VK authorization dialog. There user will enter his login and password.

After that the user will be redirected to your Redirect-Uri. So you need to prepare a Redirect_Uri – that’s a page which will be opened after successful login.

To that url will be concatenated an access_token. Access_token is the only parameter you need to store after the authorization. In next requests you’ll just need to provide the access_token.

About other parameters you can read in VK site:

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