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i know this might be a simple question of parsing an xml in android

here what my response is..

  <maincategory id="196">300mm x 300mm (12" x 12")</maincategory>
      <category id="206">Anti Skid Sp. Color Series</category>
      <category id="199">Ivory Matt Series</category>
 <maincategory id="195">395mm x 395mm (16" x 16")</maincategory>
   <category id="198">Cloudy Series</category>
   <category id="197">Plain Color Series</category>

can i anyone provide a link for this type of parsing. i want id and name of the category from this response.

i have already tried this: 1) and 2)xml parse example 3)

Thanks in Advance. Answer will be appreciated


Try with a dom parser, here’s an example:

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