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I want to change the color of the circle of RadioButton in one of my project, I could not understand which property to set. The background color I am having is black so it gets invisible. I want to set the color of the circle to white.


More simple, just set the buttonTint color: (only works on api level 21 or above)


in your values/colors.xml put your color in this case a reddish one:

<color name="your_color">#e75748</color>


Colored Android Radio Button

If you want to do it by code (also api 21 and above):


    ColorStateList colorStateList = new ColorStateList(
            new int[][]{

                    new int[]{-android.R.attr.state_enabled}, //disabled
                    new int[]{android.R.attr.state_enabled} //enabled
            new int[] {

                    Color.BLACK //disabled
                    ,Color.BLUE //enabled


    radio.setButtonTintList(colorStateList);//set the color tint list
    radio.invalidate(); //could not be necessary
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