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I have an activity called GatherActivity where I have an EditText. The user can input what ever he wants. Now I need the input of that EditText in a different class, called MapActivity. I created an Intent to “put it over” in the other activity. But it doesn’t work like I aspect it. the object/editText is allways a null object, so nothing is displayed as a markerSnippet. Here my Code (GahterActivity) in a method onButtonClick():

public void onButtonClick(View view){

EditText editText_markerSnippet = (EditText) findViewById(;

Intent intent = new Intent(this, MapActivity.class);
intent.putExtra("markerSnippet", editText_markerSnippet.getText().toString());

Code in MapActivity:

Bundle extras = getIntent().getExtras();
    if(extras != null){
        markerSnippet = extras.getParcelable("markerSnippet");
    markerSnippet = "some extra info about your location"

in my marker snippet there is no text. so the else case is not in use here…


You’re sending a String, but expecting a Parcelable in your activity.

In your MapActivity, change it to:

markerSnippet = extras.getString("markerSnippet");
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