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I store information if user is logged in SharedPreferences. In my ViewPager adapter I want to check if userIsLoggedIn. Depending on that I will display different fragments. My question is: in order to get data from sharedPreferences I need a context. How do I get it from my ViewPager adapter class? Thank you.

public class ViewPageAdapter extends FragmentPagerAdapter {

private static int NUM_ITEMS = 3;
private FragmentManager mFragmentManager;

public ViewPageAdapter(@NonNull FragmentManager fm) {
    mFragmentManager = fm;

public Fragment getItem(int position) {
    switch (position){
        case 0: return new FragmentInsta();
        case 1: return new FragmentList();
        case 2: return new FragmentHostUnlogged();
            return new FragmentList();

public int getCount() {
    return NUM_ITEMS;

public int getItemPosition(@NonNull Object object) {
    if (object instanceof FragmentHostUnlogged)
        return POSITION_NONE;



You should use FragmentStatePagerAdapter . FragmentPagerAdapter is deprecated.

class ViewPageAdapter extends FragmentStatePagerAdapter {

         Context context; 

         ViewPagerAdapter(FragmentManager manager,Context c) {

Read Context from official guideline.

Interface to global information about an application environment. This is an abstract class whose implementation is provided by the Android system.

ViewPagerAdapter adapter = new ViewPagerAdapter(getSupportFragmentManager(), getApplicationContext());
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