create my own global variable in nuxt.js (with vuetify)

I’m developing an app with nuxt and I’m tired of having to write an if statement in pages using this.$ == ‘xs’ for responsiveness every time. So I would like to create my own variable and call this long is my code↓


  import Vue from "vue";

  Vue.prototype.$bp = Vue.prototype.$;

I have already set nuxtconfig to run the plugin. But it returns an error: TypeError: Cannot read property’breakpoint’ of undefined. Apparently I can’t access vuetify using “$”, even though I can do it in pages.

What should I do? and Are there any easier ways or best practices? Thank you for reading the question at the end!


The $vuetify property exists on the Nuxt context, not the Vue prototype.

Each module under plugins/ should return a function that receives the Nuxt context as the first argument. That context contains the $vuetify object setup by the @nuxtjs/vuetify plugin.

The second argument of the Plugin API is inject, which allows you to inject globals into the Nuxt context.

So your plugin should look similar to this:

// ~/plugins/myGlobals.js
export default ({ $vuetify }, inject) => {
  // inject makes `$bp` available in context (the `$` prefix is automatically prefixed)
  inject('bp', $