Define buildconfigfield for an specific flavor AND buildType

I have 2 flavors, lets say Vanilla and Chocolate. I also have Debug and Release build types, and I need Vanilla Release to have a field true, while the other 3 combinations should be false.

def BOOLEAN = "boolean"
def TRUE = "true"
def FALSE = "false"


        debug {

            buildConfigField BOOLEAN, VARIABLE, FALSE


        release {

            buildConfigField BOOLEAN, VARIABLE, TRUE



        buildConfigField BOOLEAN, VARIABLE, FALSE

I’m having an error, so I guess the debug and release trick doesnt work. It is possible to do this?


Loop the variants and check their names:

productFlavors {
    vanilla {}
    chocolate {}

applicationVariants.all { variant ->
    println("Iterating variant: " + variant.getName())
    if (variant.getName() == "chocolateDebug") {
        variant.buildConfigField "boolean", "VARIABLE", "true"
    } else {
        variant.buildConfigField "boolean", "VARIABLE", "false"