Firebase Analytics event logging error

I use Firebase Analytics and my app logs some events with this code:

Bundle bundle = new Bundle();
bundle.putString(FirebaseAnalytics.Param.ITEM_ID, "SOME_ID")
bundle.putString(FirebaseAnalytics.Param.CONTENT_TYPE, "SOME_TYPE");
mFirebaseAnalytics.logEvent(FirebaseAnalytics.Event.SELECT_CONTENT, bundle);

And it seem to work well most of the time. In logcat I have something like this:

Logging event (FE): select_content, Bundle[{_o=app, content_type=SOME_TYPE, item_id=SOME_ID}]

But for some events I receive

Logging event (FE): select_content, Bundle[{_o=app, _ev=item_id, _err=4, content_type=SOME_TYPE}]

Apparently, _err=4 is some kind of error code. What does it mean?

In that cases with error my item_id was a pretty long string (20-30 symbols). Maybe there is a limitation on the length of the item_id?


According to Official Documentation:

Param names can be up to 40 characters long, may only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores (“_”), and must start with an alphabetic character. Param values can be up to 100 characters long.

So, they have length constraints on both Key and Value.

Key: 40 characters long

Value: 100 characters long

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