Firebase Real Time Database not showing existing Database but working fine

I am building an android application and I am facing some weird issues related to FIREBASE DATABASE.
I have created a firebase database and added some tables, fields and added some data, like;
Log in with phone authentications etc.
I can use this database with my android app, but I can’t be able to see the database.
I have tried a lot to refresh again and again, but not working.
If someone is using firebase, then please login to the console. firebase and check if you can see it, might be, GOOGLE changes its UI (User Interface).

Help me, please!
It will be a great favor.

What I am seeing on google console firebase


i think you are not selecting your project

enter image description here

check if that is your project , or change it

If its prompting you to create a database for that project is because that is not the project you are working on, you need to select the current project you are working on in order to see your database

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