Floating action button and white background

In fact, I search a way to mimic the FAB’s inbox. When user press the red button, an opac view and a menu should appear. Because images are more more meaningful, see the following picture

enter image description here

I know it exists this wonderful library (https://github.com/futuresimple/android-floating-action-button) and with this library, i can display floating action menu. But my problem is displaying the white background (with opacity). I didn’t find a solution to solve my problem …

Thx in advance


Place the FloatingActionMenu inside FrameLayout that will be on top of other views and will match parent in width and height. Use same margins to lift up and offset from right the menu accordingly.

Set OnFloatingActionsMenuUpdateListener to your floating action menu. Now toggle/replace frame layout background color inside methods:

 void onMenuExpanded(){

  void onMenuCollapsed(){