flutter build apk causing error: Keystore file not found for signing config ‘release’

I am trying to build a flutter app for release and I following the steps provided here: https://flutter.dev/docs/deployment/android . But whenever I am trying to build it I am getting the following error:

Keystore file 'C:UsersDELLDocumentsGitHubflutter_quiz_finalandroidappC:Program FilesAndroidAndroid Studiojrebinkey.jks' not
 found for signing config 'release'.

Following is my key.properties file:

storeFile=C:Program FilesAndroidAndroid Studiojrebinkey.jks

Can someone tell me how to resolve this error, please?


You have to provide the file path with a double slash(//)

C:\Users\DELL\Documents\GitHub\flutter_quiz_final\android\app\C:Program FilesAndroidAndroid Studiojrebinkey.jks

And also better to put your .jks file to android directory.