Flutter Release apk is not working properly?

I had run this flutter build apk to release my App. Now I had build version 2 of that.

Now again I want to release my version 2 App. To get the release apk I again run this flutter build apk again. I get released apk but It was my version 1 released apk. I go to my released directory and deleted my deleted released apk and tried again then also I get version 1 released apk. I tried this too but It is also giving me Version 1 apk

While building version 2 I was testing in debugging mode. everything was/is working fine in dung mode.

Here is Github Link to that App: https://github.com/nitishk72/Flutter-Github-API


I think you need

flutter clean

(I’d consider it a bug that this is necessary, but I’m encountering it as well)


flutter build apk --release

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