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I have about ~200 images that I want to use in my android app. I want to upload them to any hosting service and then load them using Glide. after uploading the images I want them all to have the same base URL for example and append the file name to it.

I have tried to do so with Google firebase and and but none of them work for me. any ideas?


You can easily use Firebase’s Cloud Storage for this.

  1. Open up your Firebase console and navigate to your project.
  2. Under “Develop”, select “Storage”.
  3. (Optional) Create a folder called “images”.
  4. Click the “Upload file” button and select all your images.

This may take awhile to upload if you have a large number of images, but it’ll work.

Now, within Android, you can fetch the url very easily.

// get a reference to your image whatever it's called   
val ref = FirebaseStorage.getInstance().reference.child("images/my_image_001.png")

// get the actual download Url and load it into your imageView
ref.downloadUrl.addOnSuccessListener {
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