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Play console screenshot kotlin.UninitializedPropertyAccessException: at com.videoplayer.VideoPlayerActivity.onStart (VideoPlayerActivity.kt:224) at ( at ( at ( at ( at ( at ( at ( at$H.handleMessage (

Defining variables

private var captionIconVisibility: Boolean = false
    private  var videoStarted: Boolean=false
    private  var lastItemPosition: Int = 1
    private  var itemsCount: Int = 1
    private var videoWatchedTime: Long=0
    private var isPreparing: Boolean=true
    private lateinit var currentPlayingPlayList: List<ObjectVideo>
    private lateinit var sharedPrefMemory: SharedPrefMemory
    private lateinit var mCastApplication: CastApplication
    private lateinit var player: SimpleExoPlayer
    private var isAdPlaying: Boolean =false
    private lateinit var mediaPlayer: MediaPlayer
  //  private lateinit var dtm: DTM
    private lateinit var adPlayerManger: AdPlayerManger
    private var podSize = 1
    private var adType = "midroll"
    private var videoPaused: Boolean = false
    private lateinit var objectVideo: ObjectVideo
    var currentPlayingVodPosition = 0
    private var previousVideoPositionNumber=-1
    private var playBackPosition:Long=0
    private var numberOfVideoWatched: Int=0
    private var isCaptionsOff : Boolean = false
    private var isInfoLayoutVisible:Boolean = false
    private lateinit var binding: ActivityVideoPlayerBinding
    private lateinit var videoPlayerActivityVM: VideoPlayerActvityVM
    private var midAdPositionList = ArrayList<Long>()
    private var runnable: Runnable? = null
    private val mHandler: Handler = Handler()
    private var watchedVideoStatus: HashMap<String, Long>? = null
    private lateinit var bottomSheetBehavior :BottomSheetBehavior<View>
    private lateinit var bottomSheetRv: RecyclerView
    private lateinit var bottomSheetPlaylistAdapter: BottomSheetPlaylistAdapter
    private var bottomSheetList = ArrayList<ObjectVideo>()
    private var resumedPosition:Long=0
    private var pageNumber:Int =1
    private var url : String = ""
    private var isPreviousClicked: Boolean = false
    private lateinit var mDetector: GestureDetectorCompat
    private lateinit var vods:ArrayList<ObjectVideo>

    companion object {
         var dtm:DTM = DTM()
      //    var vods: ArrayList<ObjectVideo> = ArrayList()

My OnCreate method

override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
        binding = DataBindingUtil.setContentView(this, R.layout.activity_video_player)

        // flags to make media player screen full screen
        bottomSheetBehavior = BottomSheetBehavior.from(binding.bottomsheetView.bottomSheetLayout)
        bottomSheetRv = binding.bottomsheetView.bottomSheetRv

        sharedPrefMemory = SharedPrefMemory(this, Context.MODE_PRIVATE, true)

//        val mToolbar = binding.toolbarMediaPlayer as Toolbar
//        setSupportActionBar(mToolbar)
//        supportActionBar!!.setDisplayShowTitleEnabled(false)

        val intentObj = intent
      //  dtm = intentObj.getSerializableExtra("dtm") as DTM

      try {
          vods = dtm.videoArrayList

          bottomSheetList = vods
          currentPlayingVodPosition = dtm.position
          url = dtm.url
          if (!(vods.size>0 && currentPlayingVodPosition<vods.size)){

 = vods[currentPlayingVodPosition]
          mediaPlayer = PlayerBuilder.getMediaPlayer(this, dtm, vods)
          objectVideo = vods[currentPlayingVodPosition]

      catch (e:java.lang.Exception){
          Toast.makeText(this,"Something went wrong",Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()


        videoPlayerActivityVM = ViewModelProviders.of(this)[]

        videoPlayerActivityVM.getMoreVideosList().observe(this, androidx.lifecycle.Observer<List<ObjectVideo>> { moreVideosList ->
            if (moreVideosList.isNotEmpty()) {
            } else {
                GlobalObject.hasMoreDataMap[url] = false


        mCastApplication = CastApplication(this, this)

Below is my OnStart Method

 override fun onStart() {
        Log.d("LifeCycle", "OnStart is called")
        if (true) {
            player = mediaPlayer.getPlayer()
            isCaptionsOff = sharedPrefMemory.subtitlePreference
            binding.exoPlayerView.player = player

            //var pos:Long=0



            videoPaused = false



I don’t have line numbers so I’m just guessing here.

Take a look at onCreate:

try {
    vods = dtm.videoArrayList
    // ...
    mediaPlayer = PlayerBuilder.getMediaPlayer(this, dtm, vods)
    objectVideo = vods[currentPlayingVodPosition]
} catch (e: Exception) {
      Toast.makeText(this,"Something went wrong",Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()

So when PlayerBuilder.getMediaPlayer(this, dtm, vods) or anything before that fails

  1. mediaPlayer remains uninitialized,
  2. user gets a toast but you as a developer get no exception report,
  3. player = mediaPlayer.getPlayer() happens during onStart which casues a crash because (1).

I don’t have a fix for you, the code is huge, hard to read and hard to reason about. Good luck fixing it.

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