How to avoid FATAL EXCEPTION in OkHttp Dispatcher after callback Code Answer

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I’m getting this exception when performing ui actions after receiving callback from OkHttp.

FATAL EXCEPTION: OkHttp Dispatcher Process: org.example.verificationserviceexample, PID: 20421 android.util.AndroidRuntimeException: Animators may only be run on Looper threads at android.animation.ValueAnimator.cancel( at android.animation.AnimatorSet.cancel( at at at at at at at at android.view.View.drawableStateChanged( at android.widget.TextView.drawableStateChanged( at at android.view.View.refreshDrawableState( at android.view.View.setEnabled( at android.widget.TextView.setEnabled( at org.example.verificationserviceexample.MainActivity.renderButtons( at org.example.verificationserviceexample.MainActivity.onAudioStateChanged( at at at com.bssys.spitchmobilesdk.VerificationService.stopAudio( at com.bssys.spitchmobilesdk.VerificationService.stopEnrollment( at org.example.verificationserviceexample.MainActivity.lambda$null$0$MainActivity( at org.example.verificationserviceexample.MainActivity$$Lambda$3.onSpitchResult(Unknown Source) at com.bssys.spitchmobilesdk.VerificationService$1.onFailure( at okhttp3.RealCall$AsyncCall.execute( at at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ at

And this is the code that I’m using:

public void addVoicePrintFromSource(Pipe source, SpitchConfig config, @NonNull String speakerId, Callback callback){

        RequestBody requestBody = new RequestBody() {
            public MediaType contentType() {
                return MediaType.parse("audio/x-pcm; rate="+config.getRate());

            public void writeTo(BufferedSink sink) throws IOException {
        Request request = new Request.Builder()



I’m using an OkIo Pipe to populate RequestBody with audio data

Thanks in advance!


Don’t change the state of views from other threads, which includes OKHTTP callbacks. If you need to, do it on a runOnUiThread block. By calling setEnabled, you’re causing various UI functions to be called that can’t run on that thread.

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