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I am trying to change the app icon in my app in Android Studio. I replaced all ic_launcher and ic_launcher_round images in all their respective folders. The icon changed in the app menu, however, when I press the square button in my phone (the one to clean cache and remove all applications) it still appears the default icon.

Link to an example picture

I don’t know where else that icon may be inside my project. Any suggestions?


I suggest to change launcher icon using asset studio in Android Studio. You have information how to do it here in official documentation. Also it’s good to use vector image and add it through Asset studio.
Also, be aware that after adding new icon, launcher on Your phone could have it cashed, so restart Launcher app or You phone (depends on what launcher You use, for example Nova Launcher have restart option in settings).
When designing icon stick to official guidelines to make Your icon adaptive.

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