How to check if a service is running on Android?

How do I check if a background service is running?

I want an Android activity that toggles the state of the service — it lets me turn it on if it is off and off if it is on.


I had the same problem not long ago. Since my service was local, I ended up simply using a static field in the service class to toggle state, as described by hackbod here

EDIT (for the record):

Here is the solution proposed by hackbod:

If your client and server code is part of the same .apk and you are
binding to the service with a concrete Intent (one that specifies the
exact service class), then you can simply have your service set a
global variable when it is running that your client can check.

We deliberately don’t have an API to check whether a service is
running because, nearly without fail, when you want to do something
like that you end up with race conditions in your code.

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