How to connect Arduino and Android to the same server?

I am making a project and I need to get data from the Arduino to a server (I don’t have a server), and the read this data from an Android. And the same on the other way (from Android -> to the server -> to the Arduino).

I newbie to dealing with servers. I am trying to figure out which server to use (I need to save a database on it also…). I know this one:
and I have read about Microsoft azure.

How can I choose with which one should I work? where can I start from to read about this?
and if you have suggestions for a free server, I would be glad if you tell about it.


There are many variables that go into the decision of what services you will need. Microsoft has a suite of IoT products that can get you going.

Here are some great resources to get you started on the Azure IoT suite. Take the time to read through and figure out which services you need.

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