How to detect Android Go?

Is there any way to detect that device is running Android Go edition? Need to determine if device is capable of providing SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW since API 29.

According the reference, Settings.canDrawOverlays(Context context) will always return false on API 29 Go. Without knowing if the system is possible to give access to SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW it’s hard to work around the case.


ActivityManager am = (ActivityManager) context.getSystemService(ACTIVITY_SERVICE);

The following code is available in

     * Returns true if this is a low-RAM device.  Exactly whether a device is low-RAM
     * is ultimately up to the device configuration, but currently it generally means
     * something with 1GB or less of RAM.  This is mostly intended to be used by apps
     * to determine whether they should turn off certain features that require more RAM.
    public boolean isLowRamDevice() {
        return isLowRamDeviceStatic();

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