how to implement bootstrap peer and SBC for Sip2peer, for Android?

I have to make an android app that should communicaticate peer to peer. After searching over internet I found one solution is Sip2peer but I am not able to implement Bootstrap peer and SBC.

Is there any one who has implemented all this, please provide me steps to implement these stuff.
Any help would be appreciated.



You just need to run your SBC and Bootstrap peer on public IP. Source code for is already availabe on Sip2Peer . you just need to run SBC and Bootstrap peer code using Ant.

For Android also source code is availabe. Just you need to run it in eclipse then apk will be installes in your device.

NOTE: Run SBC and Bootstrap on Public IP so that it can be reachable from anywhere in the world.
And Properly check your firewall settings, that was main issue when I was using it.