How to look up user information from Google GAIA ID? Code Answer

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I’ve been working on a Hangouts.json parser for Google’s Takeout service that takes all of the conversations, attachments, and miscellaneous information from the json file and populates a database with everything. I’ve finished everything but the only information the json file provides for who sent what is a GAIA ID that I’ve been able to figure out is the unique ID Google uses between their services. The problem is I don’t know how to look up any other information about the user such as the name they identify with or their email.

I know most of the information is publicly available as you can take the GAIA ID and put it into a URL like: where the #’s are the GAIA ID. This page will reveal their screen name publicly. When a email address is unknown the same thing can be inferred by using: where this will also be able to be used to contact them.

Ideally I’d like to be able to look up a user’s screen name without having to parse that public Google+ page at least but a true email would be great as well. So ideally I’d like an API or other resource to look up screen names and / or email info from a GAIA ID.



March 2019: This answer is still getting up votes, however Google are withdrawing / have withdrawn the Google Plus API.

You will need an alternative solution as this will no longer apply.

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Use the Google Plus API:

I’ve not tested specifically with Hangouts (I never knew there was a Hongouts API!) but it returns details given IDs from other APIs.

You can test it out here: to see what you’ll get.

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