How to reference views (e.g. Spinner value) from ViewModel

I’m trying to reference a Spinner view and its value from HomeViewModel that is populated with a list of strings in the HomeFragment and declared in the XML layout file of the fragment.

This spinner contains a list of languages.

Depending on which language is selected, I assign a different variable through spinner.getSelectedItem().toString() in the HomeViewModel. Problem is, spinner is not defined or referenced there, and I wouldn’t do the processing on my HomeFragment because I’ll run some heavy code on it so as not to block it. How do I call the spinner? Is it wrong to use the HomeViewModel as a kind of coroutine?


You should never do this because it causes a memory leak. From the documentation:

Caution: A ViewModel must never reference a view, Lifecycle, or any class that may hold a reference to the activity context.

What if you create a view model’s method passing the selected language as parameter and call the method from the view (Fragment)?

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