How to replace part of text but not touching anything else

I’m trying to edit some text on YouTube channel pages and I want to trim off the subscribers part of the subscriber count. (E.g. 256 subscribers —-> 256). I’m a noob at programming (especially in JS) and haven’t found any answers that fit what I wanted. I have a small HTML element that I want to edit with JavaScript to trim off the subscribers part and not touching the numbers. <yt-formatted-string id="subscriber-count" class="style-scope ytd-c4-tabbed-header-renderer" aria-label="2.24 million subscribers">2.24M subscribers</yt-formatted-string> And I have tried this: var get=document.getElementById('test'); var str=get.innerHTML; document.write(str.replace("Rindan's","TestNAme")); But it instead deleted the whole page and left the number in without the subscribers string so semi-success. Can anyone help me get this reliably working? Sorry for the weird formatting, the text editor for stackoverflow isn’t great.


You can just set innerHtml of the element without writing document.

  var get=document.getElementById('subscriber-count'); 
  var str=get.innerHTML; 
  get.innerHTML = str.replaceAll("subscribers","");

Something like this