Image segmentation on android

I am developing an application on the android platform. The app basically needs to capture an image using the camera(already done) and then analyse the captured image to see where does one color ends and the next one starts (assuming the image would always have 2 or 3 dominant colors and would be really simple). Any ideas?

P.S. I have already tried OpenCV, but there are two problems: 1. The library needs to be installed previously on your phone for your app to work and I can’t have that since it will be a commercial app (I am not sure about this dependency though) 2. Secondly, the min-sdk for my app is android 2.2 and for OpenCV it’s 2.3


OpenCV, while a good general purpose library, is just a collection of utilities that deal with pixels. If the license and min SDK are issues, write it yourself. Segmentation is a matter of choosing a starting x,y location within the image and traversing in each direction until a pixel is encountered that meets or exceeds your threshold for “different”. Use a stack to keep account of where you stepped in x and y and then backtrack by popping indices off the stack and follow another direction when you get back to where you were. Push indices onto the stack when you step in either x or y.
It’s not difficult, just rather tedious, but that’s why people wrote libraries to do this stuff.