Keep Bitmap in ImageView when Change Fragment with ViewModel Code Answer

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I have two Fragment that I bundle bitmap between them.

in FragmentA, I select Image From Gallery and Camera and set it in ImageView as Bitmap

and I will bundle that bitmap when I navigate to HomeFragmrnt and get it and Set it in ImageView in HomeFrag as Bitmap again!

PROBLEM: When I leave the FragmentA to FragmentB and back again to SettingFrag I lose the ImageView! and when I leave the FragmentB I lose the image again!

I know it is for Fragment Lifecycle and I try to use savedInstance but do not work!

I have ViewModel class for FragmentA and FragmentB ! how can I handle my problem with it ?!

if you want any code I will post it!

Thank you


I solved the problem tnx @parag Pawar

I used SharedPrefrences! Just it!

I put the Image File in SharedPrefrences and get it in another Fragment! The Image Saved and everything was good!

   lateinit var preferences: SharedPreferences
    lateinit var editor: SharedPreferences.Editor

    companion object {
 const val PREF: String = "PREF_KEY"
        const val IMG_KEY: String = "IMG_PATH"

    preferences = activity!!.getSharedPreferences(PREF, Context.MODE_PRIVATE)
    editor = preferences.edit()


//here u get the value

    val sharedPreference: SharedPreferences = activity!!.getSharedPreferences(
        PREF, Context.MODE_PRIVATE
    if (sharedPreference.contains(IMG_KEY)) {
        imgPath = sharedPreference.getString(
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