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So, I’m using LibGDX for my upcoming App.

I use a FitViewport to ensure the 16:9 aspect ratio. So players with other aspect ratios than 16:9 will have black bars at sites.

What is the best way, to draw a screen filling background image, that also covers the area, where the black bars would be?

    camera = new OrthographicCamera();
    viewport = new FitViewport(WIDTH, HEIGHT, camera);
    camera.position.set(WIDTH / 2, HEIGHT / 2, 0);

Thats how I set up my camera/viewport currently.

I then draw stuff on it with a SpriteBatch., 1, 1, 1);

That’s how I currently at least change the color of the black bars, to any RGB color.


In my opinion, the best idea is to create a second stage and it’s own Viewport only for background purposes. This second Viewport should not be FillViewport – it will strech your graphics from my experience. I think ExtendViewport is better in this case.

So how should it look:

    Stage stage, backStage;
    FitViewport viewport;
    ExtendViewport backViewport;


    stage = new Stage(); //this is your normal stage you have now
    stage.setViewport( yourFitViewport ); //here you are assingning fit viewport

    backViewport = new ExtendViewport( screenWidth, screenHeight );

    backStage = new Stage();
    backStage.setViewport( backViewport ); 

    //now add to backStage your background Image

    backStage.addActor( yourBackground );

Now just handle new stage in the render method.


    backStage.draw(); //backStage first - we want it under stage

And update new Viewport in update or render like your old one. That’s all.

Read more about Viewports here:

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