Picasso Image not loading

I am displaying images in gridView, using this code:-


which works perfectly fine. I have onItemClickListener()on my gridView, which takes me to another activity, where I am displaying Image and loading it from URL again.

Picasso.get().load(wallpaper.getPicUrl()).into(new Target() {
    public void onBitmapLoaded(Bitmap bitmapS, Picasso.LoadedFrom from) {
        bitmap = bitmapS;

    public void onBitmapFailed(Exception e, Drawable errorDrawable) {


    public void onPrepareLoad(Drawable placeHolderDrawable) {

Now problem is some images get load and some not. (I think big images are not loding) but after I click back and press on my gridView Item again, Image Loads! Where I am going wrong or What I dont know??

My Picasso Logs:-

D/Picasso: Hunter      decoded      [R7]+1557ms 
04-04 00:37:12.922 14080-14461/we_pirate.one.com.opw D/Picasso: Dispatcher  batched      [R7]+1562ms for completion
04-04 00:37:12.950 14080-14080/we_pirate.one.com.opw D/Picasso: Main        canceled     [R7]+1590ms target got garbage collected
04-04 00:37:13.132 14080-14461/we_pirate.one.com.opw D/Picasso: Dispatcher  delivered    [R7]+1769ms 
04-04 00:37:13.134 14080-14080/we_pirate.one.com.opw D/Picasso: Main        completed    [R7]+1769ms from DISK


Please check the version that you are using first, after this remove the .fit()

Like here