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how to put # character before the word in edittext?

what I want : I wanna put # character before the every word written in edit text

every word starts with #

for example :

#hello #world #hi


Try this TextWatcher.

class SharpWordsTextWatcher: TextWatcher {

    private var addSharp: Boolean = false
    private var isEmpty = false

    override fun afterTextChanged(s: Editable) {
        if(addSharp) {
            s.insert(s.length - 1, "#")

    override fun beforeTextChanged(s: CharSequence, start: Int, count: Int, after: Int) {
        isEmpty = s.isEmpty() || s.last() == ' '

    override fun onTextChanged(s: CharSequence, start: Int, before: Int, count: Int) {
        addSharp = isEmpty && s.last() != ' ' && count != 0


And add this to your EditText.

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