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I need help to parse, modify and show a string on an Android App (Java language, max API level 22)

This is a example string I’m getting from an API which contains only custom tag:

<BOLD> Something <RED> went wrong </RED> </BOLD> <NEWLINE> Server unreachable </NEWLINE>

I need to remove all this custom tags then format its content based on the tags that were wrapping that substring (so I’m expeting, for example, to get “went wrong” in red color and bold). I already tried looking up for similar problems but can’t get to the final result.

The string (cleaned and formatted) will then be used to set the Text of a TextView inside a List View


One way of doing this is like this….

       String testString="<BOLD> Something <RED> went wrong </RED> </BOLD> <NEWLINE> Server unreachable </NEWLINE>"; 

       testString=testString.replaceAll("<BOLD>","<font> <b>");

        testString=testString.replaceAll("</BOLD>","</b> </font>");

        testString=testString.replaceAll("<RED>","<font color ="#FF0000">");  //#FF0000 is hex code for red color

        testString=testString.replaceAll("</RED>","</font> ");



        TextView textView=findViewById(;

Output :

enter image description here

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