Setting the pie slice colors in MPAndroidChart Code Answer

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I need to define specific hex values for each slice in my pie chart.

I’m following the wiki but the method doesn’t seem to be working for PieDataSet

PieDataSet dataSet = new PieDataSet(entries, "Fuel");
dataSet.setColors(new int[] { R.color.green1, R.color.green2, R.color.green3, R.color.green4 }, Context);

These errors are shown:

Cannot resolve symbol 'green1'

Expression expected  <-- At the 'Context'

Is there an alternate way to set the pie slice color? This seems to work for Line charts but not for pie.


Found a work around:

final int[] MY_COLORS = {Color.rgb(192,0,0), Color.rgb(255,0,0), Color.rgb(255,192,0),
                                Color.rgb(127,127,127), Color.rgb(146,208,80), Color.rgb(0,176,80), Color.rgb(79,129,189)};
                        ArrayList<Integer> colors = new ArrayList<Integer>();

                        for(int c: MY_COLORS) colors.add(c);

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