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I’m coming from Actionscript 3 and new to Java. I’m trying to make a vibrate pattern half of which is fixed and half of which is dynamic. For eg:

long[] vibratePattern = {100,100,100,100} //fixed pattern
if(some_condition) vibratePattern.append(400);
if(some_condition) vibratePattern.append(200);
if(some_condition) vibratePattern.append(100);

But long[] doesn’t have any append or add method.

I tied creating ArrayList but the method Vibrator.vibrate takes long[] as parameter.

So my question is how can I make long[] array with half fixed item and half dynamic item and pass it to Vibrator.vibrate method. Can I create some other list and pass it as long[] to the method?


I ended up using gauva following this answer:

So I only had to Longs.toArray(foundLongs);

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