Access the firebaseUser ‘created’ timestamp from within javascript

I’m wanting to read the ‘Created’ timestamp (that is available in the Authentication > USERS section of the Firebase console) directly from the firebaseUser object within the run function of my Angular app using AngularFire.


FirebaseAuth.$onAuthStateChanged(function(firebaseUser) {

Is a timestamp present anywhere on the object? I’m trying to avoid invoking the database at this point.

Thanks for your help.


You can add creation date in your database when creating a new account:

  useruid <-- from the console
     name: userx
     email: [email protected]
     creationdate: 2018-02-10
     name: usery
     email: [email protected] 
     creationdate: 2018-03-01

Also check this:

Or retrieve it using metadata as stated here:


The date the user was created, formatted as a UTC string. For example, ‘Fri, 22 Sep 2017 01:49:58 GMT’.

Or using the Admin SDK:

admin.auth().getUser(uid).then(function(userRecord) {
console.log("Creation time:", userRecord.metadata.creationTime);