AMP alternatives for AngularJS

I’m currently working off angular 1.x and have been advised by an SEO expert to improve my sites initial mobile load speed, to do this he suggested using AMP however, looking further into this I’ve found out it doesn’t seem possible to implement AMP in Angular. The web app I’m working on is substantial in size so any major work around may be problematic.

Would be interested in hearing has anyone else run into this and how they’ve found any alternatives to improving their mobile site speed, any feedback would be appreciated.


What AMP is doing isn’t ground breaking. Take the standards that AMP applies, decide what works best for your application and apply them.

  • Gzip: Your assets

  • Images: 100kb and below would be ideal. Use webP file format, for chrome and native android users. Optimize JPEG and PNG images. Lazy-load images

  • Fonts: If using webfont provider, check to see how long it takes to download the css.

  • Async: Any scripts that you can