Angular displaying multiple lined strings on one line

I am trying to get a string to be displayed on a webpage through Angularjs which may have multiple lines. Here is what I have got:

<textarea ng-model="StringValue"></textarea>

When you type into the textarea:

“This is

a string”

you get:

“This is a string”

How do you get it so the text is displayed the same way it is typed?


As other answer mentioned, you can use a filter to achieve it.

Let me implement it for you:

<textarea ng-model="StringValue"></textarea>
<div ng-bind-html-unsafe="StringValue | breakFilter"></div>

angular.module('myApp', []).filter('breakFilter', function () {
    return function (text) {
        if (text !== undefined) return text.replace(/n/g, '<br />');

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