Angular ng-if change span text

I have this JSON file that I am taking objects as products from. When displaying the sizes of the products I want to change a span from “sizes:” to “kids:” when the json object has “kids”: “1”.

<div class="sizes-wrap">
        <span class="size-label"><span>sizes:</span>
        <span class="sizes">{{ item.sizes }}</span>

this code prints Sizes: and the sizes from the json e.g. “128 cm,140 cm,152 cm,164 cm”

I want when in the json object “kids” has a value of 1 to change the word “sizes” to “kids” in the html.

<div class="sizes-wrap">
        <span class="size-label"><span>kids:</span>
        <span class="sizes">{{ item.sizes }}</span>

Here is an one of the json objects:

  "kids": "0",
  "name": "Product name",
  "sizes": "Small,Medium,Large,X-Large,XX-Large,3XL",
  "kid_adult": "0",
  "free_porto": "0",
  "price": "649,00",
  "package": "0",
  "delivery": "1-2 dage",
  "price_old": "0,00",
  "id": "133714",
  "women": "0"

This is what I wanted to achieve after all:

<div class="sizes-wrap">
        <span ng-if=" == 0 && item.kid_adult == 0 && item.women == 0" class="size-label"><span>sizes:</span></span>
        <span ng-if=" == 1" class="size-label"><span>kids:</span></span>
        <span ng-if="item.kid_adult == 1" class="size-label"><span>adult kids:</span></span>
        <span ng-if="item.kid_adult == 1" class="size-label"><span>women:</span></span>
        <span class="sizes">{{ item.sizes }}</span>


This should work for you:

<div class="sizes-wrap">
    <span class="size-label">
        <span ng-if=" == 0">sizes:</span>
        <span ng-if=" == 1">kids:</span> 
    <span class="sizes">{{ item.sizes }}</span>

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