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I use ng-options for show data in array of object.


<select ng-model="object_choose" 
ng-options=" as values.label for values in array_object">
<button ng-click="get_my_array()">Get Array</button>


app.controller('Ctrl', function ($scope) {

$scope.array_object = [
    {"id": "a", "label": "A", "my_array": [1, 2, 3, 4]},
    {"id": "b", "label": "B", "my_array": [1, 4, 8]},
    {"id": "c", "label": "C", "my_array": [2,6]}

$scope.get_my_array = (function() {
      console.log($scope.object_choose); //It work and show "id" a , b , c
      console.log($scope.object_choose.my_array); //It not work


Can I get array in Object.


The easiest way would be to store the real value in your model with:

ng-options="values as values.label for values in array_object"

You can then access this as follows:

console.log($;       // a , b , c
console.log($scope.object_choose.my_array); // the array

The trick is to understand the many ways you can write the expression to manipulate how data a stored and displayed. The manual has all the info you need.

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