Change a few code format (angularJS to javascript)

I’m learning javascript and AngularJS. I made this little code for something (we made it in AngularJS format), and we need to make this same logic but using only javascript.

The color of a botton changes to other when it’s available or unavailable.

Can someone help me with this and tell me the logic?

$scope.saveButton= function(){
  $( "#saveButtonPics" ).removeClass( "attachment-space-available" ).addClass( "attachment-boton-guardado" );


It is not Angular but jQuery apart from the $scope which I guess is part of some Angular scope

A plain JS version could be

const saveButton = () => { 
  const cl = document.getElementById("saveButtonPics").classList;

If you want to chain, have a look at chaining HTML5 classList API without (Jquery)

const classList = elt => {
  const list = elt.classList;
  return {
    toggle: function(c) { list.toggle(c); return this; },
    add:    function(c) { list.add   (c); return this; },
    remove: function(c) { list.remove(c); return this; }

const saveButton = () { 

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