Difference between two timestamps in hours minutes and seconds

I am trying to calculate the difference between two timestamp “2020-03-18T17:34:45.856Z”, “2020-03-18T16:34:45.856Z” the difference should be like this: 2 hours 20min 30sec

I have tried using

return moment.utc(moment(startDate, 'HH:mm:ss').diff(moment(endDate, 'HH:mm:ss'))).format('HH:mm:ss');

m not sure how to get the desired format


You need to get it manually using Moment Duration

const startDate = "2020-03-18T17:34:45.856Z";
const endDate = "2020-03-18T16:34:45.856Z";

const diff = moment(startDate).diff(moment(endDate));

const duration = moment.duration(diff);
const hrs = duration.hours();
const mins = duration.minutes();
const secs = duration.seconds();

console.log(hrs + "hours " + mins + "min " + secs + "sec");
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