$event is undefined TypeError in Angular JS

I am new to Angular JS. So I decided to start doing a small to-do Task Project. But in between, I encountered an error:

typeerror $event is undefined

I am using enterAgain function. We need to double click for editing an existing task. After editing and upon clicking enter button, I am getting the above error.

When I checked in Google, I cam to know that we need to pass the event as function variable. So I passed the variable in enterAgain Function. You can see that in the below files. But even though I passed the variable event, still showing error.

Please see the code attached:


Please see the image:

enter image description here

Please help me to find a solution for the same.


You are not passing $event to function contentEdit($event) inside enterAgain method call.

    $scope.enterAgain = function($event,msg) {
        if($event.which == 13 && msg !== "") {
           $scope.contentEdit($event);  // ==> Here you need to pass $event

Please check here working code : https://plnkr.co/edit/LiR4bajk0uxMH0mso2yY

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