Exists Angularjs code/naming conventions? [closed]

Does anyone know if exists any official or most accepted reference for Angular naming conventions to use when we build our applications?

Angular has many different types of components such as filters, directives, services, and so on.

Wouldn’t you agree that having a reference naming convention when we implement them in our applications will make sense?

For example:
If we need to create new filters, how should we name them like [Something]Filter or filter[Something] or something else?
And same applies to Controllers, Services, Directives, and so on.
I wonder if variables/functions that belong to the scope should have a particular prefix or suffix. In some situations, it may be useful to have a way to differentiate them from functions and other (none angular code).


Check out this GitHub repository that describes best practices for AngularJS apps. It has naming conventions for different components. It is not complete, but it is community-driven so everyone can contribute.

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