how can I prevent a user to type 0 as the first character in a text input using vanilla javascript? [closed]

I have this html block:

<div class="form-group flex-auto" >
                <input maxlength="2" class="form-control format__itemForm" type="text" ng-model="$ctrl.codigoPaisTelefono"   prevent-keys="{{ $ctrl.caracteresExcluidos }}"
                required oninput="this.value== 0? this.value == '' :void(0)"

I need to prevent users to type 0 as the first character, I tried oninput method above, but didn’t work.

Any clue?


Something like this maybe?

function validate(element){
  var val = element.value;
    element.value=val.substring(1, val.length);
<input oninput="validate(this)">

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