How do I stop the following “External changes” message in Brackets

I am using Brackets with Angular. When I Alt-Tab and come back to Brackets it presents me with the seemingly helpful message.

Brackets message "External changes made"

I would like to turn this off. I don’t think it is the live preview feature because I still seem to get the message when I close the browser session which auto reload my files.



After some digging around it appears that this is indeed an issue in Brackets. What I suspect is happening in my case is that I have unsaved changes in my js file when I focus away from Brackets. When I return to Brackets the FileSyncManager in Brackets picks up that I might have changed the js file but it cant work out that it happened in Brackets or outside, so it safely displays the message, albeit slightly misleadingly. The issue is highlighted in github issue ISSUE#10341

I have not yet tried it but will install the autosave extension through the extensions manager in brackets to see if this resolves the issue.

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