How to change the AngularJS scope in a different HTML page?

I hope someone can help me with this problem, it really drives me crazy 😛 I have created a Plunker in order to illustrate the problem. See the Demo here

 My code is in the plunker.

So my problem is that I’m not able to change my scope value in a different html view that I’m in. As the Plunker show, I have two buttons in index.html; button1 and button2. When I click on button1 I want scope.test to change to “button1”, and when I click on button2 it should change to “button2”, this value exists in index2.html. As you can see on the console.log message, that never happen. I use rootscope, but still I’m only able to change the value if the scope exists in the same html page and not in another. Please help!


What you have coded up is not a single page application, html2 has no idea about your angular code in app.js. You need to use routing and you should be using a service to share state between the two ‘pages’ or views in the case of angular routing


Take a look at this plunkr

Here you will see angular routing in action and a service that can be shared between the two controllers. When switching between the two pages, the controllers they are attached to get destroyed, so going from Page 1 to Page 2 means that contollerA no longer exists, so you need to use the service to store the state of what was clicked on from Page 1.

Hope this makes sense!