How to differentiate browser close and refresh using angularjs?

I have localstorage for employeeid stored.When i refresh the browser get local storage value like employeeid based on employeeid get some data .when i close the browser i want to clear employeeid in local storage by using angularjs or javascript. I tried the following code.

window.onunload = close;
    function close() {
        //// do something...
        return null;

In the above code when i refresh the browser that time also window.onunload fired and clear the local storage values, but i want to clear local storage at the time of browser close only.


If you do not need this to work across different windows/tabs, then you should use sessionStorage instead of localStorage.

Where what you store into localStorage is “permanent”, sessionStorage stores values only until the window/tab is closed, similar to a “session cookie”, that is set without any lifetime – that will live only until the browser is closed (but will be available across different tabs when your site is open in more than one.)

A few more details can be found in these questions:
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