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I am working on Kibana, and to display my kibana’s dashboard, I am using iframe in HTML, and my kibana dashboard has authentication [using ReadOnlyRest Plug-in].

To pass credentials I used the below format.


Now if I want the dynamic credentials value in place of "user1:user1" I want to use JavaScript or Ajax or Angularjs using rest.

And I am seriously blank and searched a lot, but got nothing which I can understand.

Please assist me.


You can try and make a variable in your js code.Look at the window object, you might be abble to get the user from there. For ex :`

  function myFunction() {
  var user = getCurrentUser(); // where getCurrentUser is a way to get the user
  var source =  user + "@localhost:5601/app/kibana#/dashboard/…;;";
  document.getElementById("myFrame").src = source;
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