How to save an input value using AngularJS

I am working on a website that contains a field called comments where some particular users can post those comments. My HTML code:

  <input ng-model="stack"></input>
  <button ng-click="save()">Save</button>
  <p>Your comment:  <span ng-bind="stack"></span></p>

The comments should be saved in to a variable then, posted in my web service which is a json file so I can do my Database calls. I have to use $ I am using AngularJS and I have written my webservice using java (JAXB).

$ = function() { 
//In save I put alert to test because all the functions save I tested hadn't done what I need. 
  method: 'POST', 
  url: 'url', 
  data: "stack=" 


$ does it for you.

This is the html code :

<form ng-submit="save()">
      <input ng-model="stack"></input>
      <button type="submit">Save</button>
      <p>Your comment:<span ng-bind="stack"></span></p>
This is the controller function :

function myController($scope,$http){
      var data=$scope.stack;  
       /* post to server*/
        $, data)
          // success callback
           // failure callback

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